The Political Benefits of Responsive Design

If you are running for office or planning your next campaign, you know you need a website, but you may not be sure if it is worth the extra expense to ensure it works well on all the different mobile devices.

Before adopting any technology or tactic for your campaign strategy you need to ask the person pitching/selling you the idea a few questions, especially if it is yourself.

Is there a political benefit to being mobile-friendly?

Easy, yes!  It doesn’t matter if it is on print, radio, tablet, or smartphone, you always need to look your best.

Voters aren’t superficial, they are busy, and they won’t spend time looking at ugly design. If they need to pinch and pull their way around your website, they will not complete a contact form.

Is it measurable?

The rise of mobile use in Canada is leading the world. Here are some figures Google recently released that Brent Bell shared via his excellent newsletter:

  • 56 percent of adults are using a smartphone, nearly double the 33 percent from a year earlier;
  • 35 percent said they’d give up TV before having to part with their smartphone;
  • 8 in 10 will not leave the house without their smartphone and two-thirds use in on a daily basis;
  • 75 percent said they had streamed video on their phone and nearly one in five said they did it daily;

From internal data I can tell you that organic visits to political websites on mobile devices has increased from 11% to 18%.responsive email campaigns drive traffic to political websites

But the numbers of visits on mobile devices rises considerably for referral visits, in particular from social media and email campaigns.

Even in rural ridings?

Yes! I recorded an email campaign where 20% of the opens where from iPads! in a rural riding. Add in 24% from iPhones and nearly half of the emails sent were opened on a smartphone or tablet.

A Responsive Solution

If you are sending emails to supporters, they need to be able to read and use the emails.

If they follow your call to action and land on a mobile-unfriendly website, they won’t complete the action you asked of them.

Worse, you increase friction the next time you call them to action!

Responsive design fits and scales to match whichever medium it is being viewed on.

Adopting a responsive design ensures you always look your best.

What do you think?