RT @borisproulx: Un édifice est évacué après la réception d’un colis suspect par le bureau du député fédéral Louis Plamondon à Ottawa #polcan https://t.co/0JZ6T4OPY1 https://t.co/O7NdIAREQe

RT @EmmMacfarlane: An alternative would be to give poor people more money, but governments know that increasing the minimum wage – the majority of beneficiaries aren’t even the people who need the most help – is relatively costless, esp in a province where gov’t budgets are always a mess.

LINK: NewsAlert: Liberals pare down scope of passive-income measure for small business | National Newswatch

The economic denialism on the part of this government is staggering. Nearly every sentence that ends with the words “the official said.” contains a misleading claim about how passive investments work. Basically the official is claiming that this money is not being put to productive use, that is just “sitting” in the investment accounts, but this “cash” is somehow still magically generating returns this government claims it wants to tax. What is so maddening about this issue is that not only does this government run deficits, borrowing from future generations, but if they push this change through, they will be in effect stealing future tax revenue when the passive investments are eventually converted to personal income. ARGH! http://ift.tt/2ihkNlp