Welcome to the new home of the Project


Welcome to the new home of the Find A Conservative Project blog and so much more.

Earlier this week, I announced that EDA Help was moving to NationBuilder.

It may take a few months to fully transition edahelp.ca and the rest of the Conservative Associations that wish to join our new Association Nation over but the task is easy compared with the prospect of moving findaconservative.ca

As a first step I’m re-launching the project blog on NationBuilder.

The plan is to use this site as a testing grounds, a source for documentation, and as a hub for digitally inclined conservatives.

If you’re interested in getting involved there are three ways you can help:

When I first built the site, I never imagined it would get the traffic it did. It was an important lesson to learn early in my digital campaigning career – If you make Google happy, Google will reward you.

Updating the Associations

Over the weekend, Elections Canada updated the EDA records for the 338 ridings. We now have 208 287 of 338 Conservative Associations listed, so it was time to get to work updating the Associations.

Cleaning My Mess

I did almost break the site adding a bunch of Associations at once, but thankfully that was sorted out. Unfortunately, my bulk update missed a couple (dozen). I was tempted to blow it all up and start a new but decided this was another opportunity to clean them up right. I’ll hold off on the nuclear option for a bit longer.

Holiday Updates

Over the holidays I slowed down on the updates, but I did introduce some new post types and have begun work on a new custom taxonomy.

Sponsored Posts

“Sponsored Posts” aka advertisements, now appear around the site. If you would like to advertise on FindAConservative.ca, please feel free to contact me.

Nomination Contestants Posts

I have created a post type to display nomination contestants under each Association. If you are planning a run for a CPC Association riding nomination or have already declared, please feel free to submit your nomination profile.

Conservative Activists Posts

The last post type I created over the holidays was the Conservative Activist. There is still some work required in setting up and displaying the post type. If you are interested in creating an Activist profile, please, sign up for updates, and I will let you know when it is ready.

The Geography Taxonomy

This will be the most ambitious taxonomy project. The Geography taxonomy will cut across all posts and allow people to find Conservatives by city.