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The about page is a funny thing for politicians*. It presents a huge opportunity to make a personal connection, but most are kind of dull. To be fair it is hard to write about yourself, even with a healthy ego. Instead of employees, try asking supporters to contribute to your official biography. Below is in no way a recommended writing style or layout for a political about page, but it should include the elements that are essential. But enough intro, let’s get to the story you came for…

Barrhaven Born and Bred

very young Brendan Mulvihill

Brendan Mulvihill was born on July 29, 1978 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Raised in the quiet suburb of Barrhaven with his brother and sister, they were blessed to grow up with loving parents and a large extended family of 21 aunts or uncles and 21 first cousins.

Brendan’s first foray into politics came when he and his high school classmates successfully lobbied Nepean City Hall to fund a youth centre in Barrhaven.

BeaverTails™ University

Brendan Mulvihill’s first job was as a server of BeaverTails on the Rideau Canal. With a knack both for making and serving the delicious treats, Brendan was promoted from a store manager, to supervisor then to Assistant General Manager.

As AGM Brendan had the opportunity to learn “marketing as experience” from founder of the internationally recognized brand, Grant Hooker.  After four years Brendan was named the General Manager of the BeaverTails’ Ottawa operations, overseeing the ByWard Market stall, the Canal operations, and festival operations including the Ex.

Campaigns & Politics

From an early start fighting City Hall, Brendan Mulvihill became addicted to politics and campaigns.

Volunteering on his first campaign, stuffing envelopes the first day, Brendan was quickly given additional responsibilities, enthusiastically accomplishing each task.

Following the unification and creation of the Conservative Party, Brendan became an Association director in Ottawa Centre. When a by-election was called for the seat in 2004, the Ottawa Centre campaign was ready when the writ dropped just a few weeks later. The 2004 campaign was particularly memorable for all involved and recounted in Shelly Page’s award winning article, “The Icon versus the Insider”.

Though neither the Party nor the local team won, they’d be back in just 2 short years for the winter campaign of 2005-2006. While Brendan’s time was restricted by demands of the Canal, he more than made up for that absence in 2008.

Brendan at the Arctic watershed

Travelling to the northern Ontario riding of Timmins-James Bay, Brendan Mulvihill was the campaign manager in a spirited contest to unseat Charlie Angus.

While victory was elusive, Brendan returned to Ottawa to start his new career as a Parliamentary Assistant. Always calm under pressure, Brendan was asked to manage MP Cheryl Gallant’s next campaign.

Despite an 18 month smear campaign by a small bitter rival, Cheryl’s hard work on behalf of constituents was recognized, winning with 58% of the vote.

Brendan Mulvihill – Political Entrepreneur


After the success of the 2011 campaign, Brendan finished up his degree in Political Science from Carleton University and left his job to found MP, EDA, and

The three brands are focused on providing Conservatives with the digital and political services they need to win the next election.

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