Welcome to the new home of the Project


Welcome to the new home of the Find A Conservative Project blog and so much more.

Earlier this week, I announced that EDA Help was moving to NationBuilder.

It may take a few months to fully transition edahelp.ca and the rest of the Conservative Associations that wish to join our new Association Nation over but the task is easy compared with the prospect of moving findaconservative.ca

As a first step I’m re-launching the project blog on NationBuilder.

The plan is to use this site as a testing grounds, a source for documentation, and as a hub for digitally inclined conservatives.

If you’re interested in getting involved there are three ways you can help:

When I first built the site, I never imagined it would get the traffic it did. It was an important lesson to learn early in my digital campaigning career – If you make Google happy, Google will reward you.

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