Updating the Associations

Over the weekend, Elections Canada updated the EDA records for the 338 ridings. We now have 208 287 of 338 Conservative Associations listed, so it was time to get to work updating the Associations.

Cleaning My Mess

I did almost break the site adding a bunch of Associations at once, but thankfully that was sorted out. Unfortunately, my bulk update missed a couple (dozen). I was tempted to blow it all up and start a new but decided this was another opportunity to clean them up right. I’ll hold off on the nuclear option for a bit longer.

The challenge with WordPress is that if I want to be lazy and use the standard WordPress archive for entries then I have to order them by date. When I initially upload the first time, they all had the same date but because they were created in the right order they appeared alphabetically.

As I started to update the site, this order fell apart and with re-distribution, scrambled it good, especially after updating new EDAs in three separate batches. So I went through, updated the 338* Associations that were continuing to each have a unique publication date alphabetically, but set the menu order to use the riding numbers. Bonus, the links to the next EDA and previous EDA have a logic that was missing initially.

Changing Profile Criteria

Initially I had added the email addresses provided in the Elections Canada database. That is fine in many cases, but in a large number, they use the president’s personal address. This is obviously a problem as the President’s change over time. Going forward, I will only be using or updating an unambiguous EDA email address, ie donate@youredahere.ca or youredahere@gmail.com.

That said, I have still been adding the President’s contact information. I have just added it to a Members only section. Add your name to my mailing list to learn more about the Members Only Section.

EDA To Do List

I have still left the older entries for now to preserve any existing links, though I doubt there are many. Where possible I have tried to re-direct the pages for old association to new associations or updated the old associations with only small name modifications or additions.

Set-up the auto-messaging on @FindATory to share the links on social media.

Finally, I hope to contact the Associations this week with current email addresses to let them know they can update their pages contact information.


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